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Proudly not another copy/paste marketing agency. 


By the age of 20 I had brought my kitchen table creations from zero to a million dollars. From calling my dog an employee, to introducing myself to new employees every month (that my team hires and trains without me). 


As the years ticked on, and we struck the multi-million dollar mark, I started to feel stuck. 


I could see my company plateauing, and as a do-it-myselfer for so many years I took immediate initiative to bring the “hockey stick” growth statistics back for my e-commerce company. 


Through balancing my own ads, freelancers and campaigns I also found myself heavily poached by agencies all across the world. 


From weird electronic letters that would actually speak to me when opened, to “high level” calls basically asking me for a virgin sacrifice to get some sexy ROI numbers. I tested a few agencies out— I mean hey, I’m confident sure, but I also wouldn’t mind stepping away if someone could do it better. 


So we tried some agencies out. They didn’t completely flounder, but the return on my investment was nearly half my normal campaigns. 


We tried some more, same problem— and this time, I ended up teaching my project manager about *our ads*. About our much simpler funnel systems, that not only turn visitors into customers, but customers in returning buyers at an 81% return rate, for 3-5 orders or more (over tripling our customer lifetime value). 


At Love Labs, there’s no copy and paste methods to success. No unpaid interns who post angry work memes because they hate their job. No fancy client dinners to distract you from price gauged ads and missed goals. 


We don’t just say “we don’t work with everyone” as a cheesy way to convince you onto a drawn out sales call— we actually mean it (and we hate long calls too). What we offer applies only to brands willing to positively impact the world. Our strategy for growth is logistical, absolutely- but having a company with heart & soul sells better every time, inspires our team & lights a fire in us. 


At Love Labs, we want to help you make money & make impact in the ways that matter to you. We want to share your story (even the dark bits) and serve the world together. 

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