Fall in love with your brand again, like a cheesy second honeymoon.

So there's no magical "key" to success- don't you dare click off the page yet. So, we don't have the magical golden key we all seek, but when one door opens... trends change, advertising avenues die out and you're stuck looking for a new shiny key anyway. 

Screw the damn key. Ta ta to magic. 

Tracking trends is what we do. Different factors such as influencer marketing, trending color schemes, fashion, music & food ALL highly effect what we buy and why we buy it. 

-- You wouldn't have bought avocado socks 10 years ago.

Pin point your best customers for today and tomorrow, with trackable data, analytics & pivoting marketing efforts on the fly. 

Or, ya know, let us do it for ya. 

Staying a step ahead the competition takes a village, a virgin sacrifice & an eye for design. Join the Love Labs Brand Family, find the support you need and work with us to grow your brand into what's inside your head- minus the freaky stuff. Yeah, we saw that. 

Reach out, and let's chat about the weather. Hey@LoveLabsBrandHouse.com 

P.s. it's raining, dolla dolla bills y'all. 

Let's Make Magic

Brand Family Package
Branded, launched & maintained.

A 12 month minimum package for business owners ready to hand Love Labs the keys, so they can focus on what they love to do in business. 

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Business Mentoring
Keep total control- with some help.

Work with Brandon Love two sessions a month to uncover your brands biggest obstacles & build bridges over them. 

I don't coach, I'm no cheerleader, I mentor using experiences that made me a millionaire before I could legally drink.

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Mastermind Program
Learn in a group setting, with Brandon.

Seats limited. Learn alongside 4-5 other entrepreneurs selected from our application process. 
Only suggested for those ready to give it all, put on their focus hats & WIN.

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Sponsorship Application
Exclusive to womxn in the KC area.

For every Brand Family customer, we sponsor a full Brand Package for a local KC womxn/queer owned company.

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