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Stubble Co.

The second concept in Love Labs first mens focused brand, and the total opposite of our initial approach. Designing a brand around breaking barriers of gender and social constructs instead of embracing them, sets Stubble Co. apart as a modern welcoming line of mens products, great for all men and a front runner from the classic "macho" competition that fights for market share, using the same approach and encouraging toxic masculinity.  

Tagline: For The Fun Man

Launched on June 15th 2019 as a sub-brand to Crumble Co. aroma company, Stubble Co. sold out within 8 hours of it's launch inventory of shaving creams and soaps. 

Products that push the mold of basic "manly" and woody aromas, giving men "permission" to have fun with their daily routines, with aromas inspired by cereals, unicorns & sweet treats.

Stubble Co. hopes to launch its own website separate from its mother brand, in mid 2020. As well as more products such as bar soap, shower gels, shaving accessories, shampoos and more leading up to their website launch. 

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