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Peachy Cleaning

When Cicely came to us with "Above & Beyond" cleaning services, she offered too much, confusing customers and leaving her online presence in the dust. Designing from the ground up, inspired by Cicely's own bright, peachy personality! With a sprinkle of sass and a whole lot of passion for good.

It's life changing, going from chaos to cleanliness in one cleaning and that's exactly the impact we want clients to feel at home, and the impact we want to make using our Peachy Platform. That's why, it's also life changing for the women making your home peachy clean.

Peachy Cleaning is committed to hiring women from abusive situations, helping start a new chapter in their wonderful peachy lives.

For every Polished Peach cleaning, we donate 5% to the Kansas City Hope House who are dedicated to making sure every man, woman, and child affected by domestic violence can find kindness, comfort & a clean place to call home.

That's what we call peachy.

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